Adjustable TV Beds

Creating Customized Sleeps That Fit Your Needs

Adjustable TV Beds are perfect if you’re looking to improve the way you sleep? Finding the right mattress is no easy task. It’s easy to feel lost when shopping at a big box mattress tore.

Why not try out our amazing adjustable TV beds? You can improve the quality of your sleep by adjusting your bed to adapt to you. There’s no need to toss and turn—searching for that perfect spot. A TV bed with adjustable options allow you to find the perfect position for sleeping and relaxing.

They also serve as a functional, compact, and elegant piece of furniture that delivers many tangible benefits. Enjoy the luxury of comfort and entertainment from the comfort of your new TV bed.

The Best in TV Bed Technology

Since we’re all unique, each of us has different preferences regarding sleeping positions. Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” solution—choose an adjustable TV bed instead. Our premiere adjustment mechanism uses the latest German technology consisting of 5 components working together with an electric motor. Maximize your comfort level at night with a bed that adjusts to your body and personal preferences.

Make Comfort Conform to You

Know a loved one with posture issues, circulatory problems, or any physical disabilities? Get them one of our TV adjustable beds, which provide not only high-end entertainment but also ideal comfort. Adjust the angle of the bed at any time to improve your sleep, reduce snoring, and for additional back support.

Loaded With Features

Since beds are such a long-term investment, why not treat yourself to a feature-rich experience? Some of the ones we offer on our adjustable Television beds include:

  • Automated massages to help you recover from mild pain
  • Mood lighting
  • Convenient / Bluetooth speakers
  • Extra storage space

Don’t let your room’s size constraints stop you. Our models can change to fit a variety of places. Choose a king-size if you need it or a space-efficient one for compact areas. All of our adjustable tv beds can be modified in size allowing you to fit your new bed in those awkward spaces – such as lofts where space is at a premium.

TV Bed Finance Available

Our range of adjustable tv beds are available on 0% finance, courtesy of our finance partners – V12 retail finance. Our b come with a free five-year warranty and delivered and installed for free.


How do I control my adjustable TV bed?

Each adjustable tv bed comes with a corded or wireless handset for controlling the motors.

What types of fabrics can I choose from?

We offer many different colors ranging from Aqua Clean colors that are easy to wash to Kenton, known for its durability and wide range of colors. Check out our other types too, like Leather, Faux, Pimlico, and Harrow.

What options do I have for purchase?

In addition to bed size, pick a brand and screen size for the television that attaches to the bed frame. Remember that the mattress itself comes in different prices, ranging from budget-friendly options to more high-end affairs. You can even opt to use your own mattress.

Tellybeds Has You Covered

Few other service providers offer 0% financing, a free 5-year warranty, and complimentary delivery and installation nationwide, so get in touch with Tellybeds today.

Decide the size of the bed you want (single, double, King, and Super King), as well as the fabrics and colors. You can even use your own custom fabrics. Let our design team help you out by sending us samples so we can color match your bed to your home’s interior decor.

Browse through our catalogue for a myriad of different models, each with its own style and feature set. The Tokyo Adjustable TV Bed, for example, or our stylish Olivia Adjustable TV Bed allows you to sit up or recline at any time. Adjust the tension of the base to maximize comfort.

Don’t Wait to Order Your Adjustable TV Bed – Get in Touch With Our Team Today!

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