Loren Williams Mattress

A Loren Williams Mattress will provide you with all the comfort and support your body needs to ensure a good night’s sleep. Each mattress comes vacuum packed for easy transportation, then fully expands in size like a normal mattress.

Choose from a luxurious Supreme 3200 or a  Ultra Pocket Mattress whatever your budget, all of our mattresses from Loren Williams perfectly contour your body – supporting you throughout the night. The Ultimate 2400 mattress for example features 2400 springs each independently working to provide the support necessary to enabling you to wake and feel fully recharged for the day ahead.

Made With The Finest Materials

Each mattress from the Loren Williams range is manufactured with care and detail, using natural materials from nature like Cashmere wool, the finest Cotton. Each mattress has been carefully crafted to help you find that perfect night’s sleep we think you deserve.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Invented by NASA for the space program, memory foam is now a popular addition to mattresses, Memory foam is known the world over because of its supportive properties.

The Perfect Mattress For The Perfect TV Bed

Whatever choice you make is purely down to personal preference, all of our mattresses will work in harmony with all types of bed, but if you’re looking for the perfect package – why not add a new mattress to go with a new TV Bed but don’t blame us if you can’t get out of bed on a morning, because after trying any mattress from our range you will never look back.