TV Ottoman Beds

Improve the Functionality of Your Bedroom with one of our TV Ottoman Beds

Got a lot of stuff to store? It’s time to stop wasting precious floor and closet space and instead opt for a king-size TV ottoman bed from us. With an ottoman bed frame, take advantage of the large amount of storage space below the base of the mattress that’s easily accessible thanks to its hydraulic lift system, simply lift the base and reveal a vast storage capacity.

With a Super King Size TV bed with storage, keep your bedroom neat and elegant regardless of how many people will be living in it.

TV Bed Finance – Purchase Your Dream TV Ottoman Bed With 0% Financing

We understand that purchasing a new bed is a major decision—and an important one. That’s why we offer 0% financing and flexible payment plans.

You deserve to get a good night’s sleep every night. Our Ottoman beds provide sound sleep, extra storage, and offer you additional flexibility that other beds don’t.

Simplify Cleaning Time

Do you have a plethora of books, boxes, equipment, or other paraphernalia? Tuck it away in a hidden compartment under your Super King TV bed with storage to keep things neat and tidy. Because we intend our clients to disassemble and reassemble our beds completely, you can fit one into tight spaces around your home.

Customize It Your Way

Choose from our numerous options that can suit any budget. Get a basic single or double-size for space-efficient rooms or even a TV bed King Size if the need arises. Our TV Ottoman beds are even available in Emperor size. Don’t forget to choose your favorite colors and fabrics to make that personal touch.

Peace and Relaxation in the Bedroom

At the end of the day, lay back and enjoy your favorite movies on the integrated television set. Comfortable entertainment is right at your fingertips, especially with the extra space to store DVD players or game consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try one out?

Absolutely! Visit our showroom to test out our products beforehand. Feel free to ask questions or check out our other products and services as well.

What are some extra features you offer?

To make your specialty bed truly your own, pick from a variety of additional add-ons so you can take full advantage of your leisure experience. We offer:

  • Media playback through Bluetooth
  • Extra storage drawers
  • Massage systems
  • Mood lighting fixtures

Do you sell accessories?

Yes. Get all your shopping done in one place. We have you covered in case you need extra batteries, power leads, video cables, charging connectors, television antennas, or remotes.

What about other types of beds?

Take a look at our sister sites “waterbedwarehouse” and “dreameasy” for sales on waterbeds and other adjustable TV products.

Start the Order Process Today

Our Boston Ottoman comes with storage expansion and a budget-friendly price.

  • If you’re feeling luxurious, the Eton Electric comes with mood lighting, a 55-inch television space, and an azure textured finish.
  • Try the Avington if you want a customizable TV, extra storage, and a stylish look.
  • The Hudson Ottoman comes with a smart TV that you can pair with Google Home, Alexa, Siri, and other smart devices.

Interested in an TV Ottoman Bed – Get Yours Today!

Start working on your next dream bed today with Tellybeds. Our Boston Ottoman comes with storage expansion and a budget-friendly price. If you’re feeling luxurious, the Eton Electric comes with mood lighting, a 55-inch television space, a choice of over 300 colours, or if you like the bed photographed on tellybeds website – which is upholstered in an azure textured finish.

Our range of beds are available on 0% finance, come with a free five-year warranty and delivered and installed for free. That’s not all – our entire range comes with lots of options, whether you want mood lighting, Bluetooth speakers, or any other idea, we are more than happy to accommodate. So why not contact us to discuss your requirements and let us see if we can build your very own bespoke bed.