Emperor TV Beds

Our emperor TV Beds are a staggering 7’0 x 7’0 of prime sleeping space, we are the largest manufacturer in the market, all of our beds come in a range of sizes, a vast array of colours and the options are almost endless, you can choose from things like the base system – a choice of a sprung slatted base or opt for a solid base, for a firmer feel, all of our emperor TV Beds feature our super size motors capable of containing a 55″ TV, so big that you will feel like your at cinema, all from the comfort of your own bed.

TV Beds Storage

A tv bed with storage features drawers under the bed and with easy pull out drawers. Our entire range of beds allows you to store your items and accessories away and out of sight, helping you to keep things neat and tidy,

TV Bed With Speakers

Thanks to our Bluetooth speaker system, you can control your speakers in bed while you relax and unwind, our Bluetooth speaker system is built into the TV bed, featuring two speakers built into the foot of the bed and a subwoofer hidden underneath, allowing you to connect your phone, tablet or pc to stream music for hours on end, you can even pair the system to your smart tv and listen while your watch tv in bed with the tv’s audio emerseing you, perfect for watching a spooky film or an action thriller. All of our beds are able to have the system fitted, from single size right up to our emperor size TV beds.

Mood Lighting Built In

Our mood lighting creates a subtle ambiance to your bedroom – controlled by a small sensor built into the headboard or side rail for easy access, simply wave your hand over the sensor to activate the lighting, and a hidden strip of LED lighting on the headboard and AV hole on the side rail will emit a cal and soothing glow.