Sleepeezee InMotion Memory Hybrid Adjustable Mattress

£449.99 £899.99

1000 Pocket Springs

Soft White Fibres And Memory Foam

28cm Depth

Knitted Cover

No Need To Turn

Firmness: Softer



The Sleepeezee InMotion Memory Hybrid Adjustable Mattress, contains numerous features and benefits. This mattress is designed to offer a combination of softness and practicality for a customized sleeping experience. Key features include:

  1. Ultimate Pressure Relief: The mattress is equipped with reactive pocket springs that adapt to movements during the night. These springs are designed to target support to pressure points, offering relief and a soft feel.
  2. Soft Cushioning: The mattress contains multiple layers of cushioning support and comfort materials. This includes a high-density polyester support layer that contours to the body shape, providing personalized support.
  3. Memory Foam and Polyester Comfort Layer: These layers add extra cushioning, supporting the body and joints effectively. They also contribute to the adjustability of the mattress, making it suitable for various sleeping positions.

Overall, the Sleepeezee InMotion Memory Hybrid Adjustable Mattress is designed for those seeking a balance of comfort, support, and adaptability in their sleeping surface.

InMotion Memory Hybrid Adjustable Mattress Features:

This description highlights the features of a high-quality mattress, emphasizing its design and materials for optimal comfort and health benefits:

  1. 1000 Pocket Springs: The mattress contains 1000 individual pocket springs. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket, allowing them to move independently. This design provides excellent support by adapting to the body’s shape and weight distribution, thereby enhancing pressure relief.
  2. Memory Foam Layer: Incorporated into the mattress is a layer of memory foam, initially developed by NASA. This material contours precisely to the body, offering exceptional orthopaedic support and comfort. It effectively alleviates pressure points across the body.
  3. Soft White Fibre Fillings: The mattress is filled with soft white fibres made from 100% polyester. These fillings are known for their durability and excellent recovery, ensuring the mattress maintains its comfort and shape over time.
  4. 28cm Depth: The mattress has a substantial depth of 28cm, contributing to its overall comfort and support levels.
  5. No Need To Turn: It is designed as a single-sided mattress, eliminating the need for flipping. However, regular rotation from head to toe is recommended to maintain its shape and longevity.
  6. No Roll Together: The mattress features individual sleeping zones, which means movements on one side of the bed do not disturb a partner on the other side. This design also prevents the tendency to roll towards the middle of the mattress.
  7. Pressure Relieving: The construction of the mattress allows for even distribution of body weight, reducing pressure points. This leads to less tossing and turning and a more restful sleep.
  8. Turning Handles: The sides of the mattress are equipped with flag-stitched handles, facilitating easier turning or rotation.
  9. Hypoallergenic: The materials used are hypoallergenic, making this mattress a suitable choice for allergy sufferers or anyone seeking a hygienic sleeping environment.

These features combine to create a mattress that not only offers superior comfort and support but also contributes to a healthier sleep experience.

Additional Features

  1. Knitted Cover: The product includes a luxurious, soft knitted cover. This type of cover is breathable, which aids in maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night, enhancing the comfort of the sleeper.
  2. Made by an NBF-Approved Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this item is an approved member of the National Bed Federation (NBF). This provides a level of assurance and peace of mind to the consumer, as NBF approval often indicates adherence to certain quality and safety standards in the bedding industry.
  3. Made in the UK: The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom,
  4. Fire Resistant – Low Hazard: This product conforms to the BS7177: 2008 standard for domestic use (low hazard) – ideal for use at home.

Sleepeezee InMotion Memory Hybrid Adjustable Mattress, Sizes:

Small Single: 75cm x 200cm
Single: 90cm x 200cm
Small Double: 120cm x 200cm
Double: 135cm x 200cm


10 Year Guarantee

The Sleepeezee 10 Year Guarantee is a testament to the confidence Sleepeezee has in the quality and durability of their products. This guarantee covers their entire range of mattresses and divan bed sets, offering customers assurance of their investment for a decade. This level of commitment reflects Sleepeezee’s dedication to delivering high-quality, long-lasting sleep solutions, ensuring that customers enjoy a consistent, comfortable sleep experience year after year.