Angled HDMI Connector


A lot of new flat TVs have the HDMI sockets at the side and as many HDMI cables are quite stiff, this can mean that an elegant flat screen TV has cable sticking out of the side! Conversely some TVs have the sockets facing backwards and it can be hard to get the TV flat to the wall. Additionally, modern slimline screen mounts can take the set very close to the wall, and the cable can get in the way. Our HDMI right angle adaptors fit snugly with the latest flat TVs. A side facing socket can be routed backwards or downwards and a back facing one sideways or downwards. Low profile mounts can close properly.

HDMI Gold Cable


5m Flat HDMI v2.0b High-Speed 18Gbps 4K@60Hz 2160p Gold Plated Cable

• Latest version 2.0 for 18 Gigabytes per second transfer speed
• 4K @60Hz 2160 pixels
• Oxygen Free Copper conductor
• 24K Gold Plated corrosion-resistant connectors to ensure superior signal transfer and maximum performance
• Maximum reliability by triple shielding (2*foil and 1* Tinned Copper Braid Shielding)
• Triple Shielding to provide complete immunity to environmental EMI and RFI