What is a TV Bed?

What is a TV Bed?. They are no different to a normal bed frame, with the exception that a these type of Beds feature a motorised unit built into the foot of the bed, allowing the TV to be concealed when it’s not in use, and by pressing a remote the TV will rise up from the foot and allow th user to watch their favourite show, play a games console, surf the internet or pretty much annything you would normally do, they are perfect for saving space and a whole host of features are available, such as – having a surround sound system. They come in a variety of sizes from a single size right up to Emperor size, these Beds can offer practical soloutions like providing additional storage space, which can be a big factor when choosing what type of bed best fits your criteria – TV Ottoman beds provide a very useful addition to your room if you need to maximise the available space.

Other types of beds that incorpearate TV’s are also available, with a recline function built in to them, this enables the user to alter the position of the bed, allowing them to sit up in bed when they are watching TV, or alter the position of the legs, these beds are sometimes referred to as hospital beds, because they are very useful to people recovering from accidents, illness, operations etc.

Tokyo TV Bed

As you can see, TV Beds come in a wide variety of syles, but all the fundamentals remain the same, the starting price for our range is £699.99 but this price can be exceeded when you start going more upmarket and adding extra features like Bluetooth media sytems, or a fully electric ottoman base system that can open and close at the touch of a button in the Eton Ottoman, all of our beds can be made to accommodate the very latest technology if required.

Eton electric ottoman Tv Bed

All of our beds come with the option, to be made and manufactured to you specific requirements, our range comes with a full five year warranty so if you encounter any issue we are always available to help, we offer 0% finance and free delivery.

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